What if you had a friend who was an online money-making master?




What could you learn from them?...

If you are just starting out in the internet marketing space or struggling in where you are now, I have some VERY interesting INSIDER information...

What are these so-called “gurus” REALLY doing behind the scenes and are they really making any decent money with their systems?
How do some of these systems work and what are some of the pitfalls?

You know, up until a few months ago, I was completely convinced that there were only 3 kinds of people making money online:

  1. The giant corporations that started outside the net
    and created an online presence by buying their way in
  2. Internet-born giant corporations that started out as
    fantastic ideas in the right place at the right time and
    exploded into huge money
  3. Individual people making a few hundred dollars a month
    through Google Ads on their small-time blogs and
    little niche sites with a lot of hard work

I wanted to make some extra spending money outside my normal job, but I certainly didn’t have much time to spend making it.

…And I saw advertisements all the time wanting to solve my problem for me.

But Personally, I’m a jaded 9-to-5-working, media-desensitized guy who doesn't buy the hype...

I see dozens of ads every day advertising products I could buy to make me rich overnight, or turn me into an instant, margarita-slurping, Caribbean, beach bum.

All of this get-rich-quick stuff has become noise to me, and I’m sure it has to you as well...

I was totally skeptical that any of these people were really making much money or that their systems were making anyone much money.
...Or if they were, it was a few really fortunate individuals that were in the right place at the right time.

Then I received a wake-up call...

I became friends with someone who really was making massive money on the net.

This online money-making realm wasn't just a playground for extremely lucky 1-in-a-million people who hit the market just right with crazy ideas like Facebook or Google.

There are thousands of people making millions of dollars online everywhere. This was a whole set of people I didn’t know existed… …and it’s the man or woman next door and they’re raking in TENS or even HUNDREDS of thousands dollars per MONTH.

My wife met his wife through some mothers groups that they took our kids to. They became great friends.

Here’s a picture from my daughter’s baptism. The Guru’s wife (far right) is my daughter’s Godmother. I’m in the picture holding my son. My wife is holding our daughter...

My daughter's baptism

Here’s a picture of the Guru’s wife playing with my daughter at her 1st birthday party last year...

My daughter's bday party

The guru and I started to become good friends as well.

After chatting with him at a party, I found out that he made much more money than I did. He also spent less time making money than I did because he was always taking his family on vacations all over the place.

I became very interested in what he did for a living. I started asking him about it over the next few months and it started to make more and more sense.

We took our families on vacation together. Here are some pictures of both of our families at the beach this past year. We rented houses (Mine was much cheaper than his) and had fun at the beach every day for a week. We ate at some nice local restaurants and collected seashells.



The Guru also rented a party boat for us and we drove along the coast for several hours one day.

Kids on the boat

Guru's wife and my son on the boat

During the evenings after our kids were in bed, we started talking about the details of exactly what made him so much money every day.

This was stuff I did not expect.

This information is fascinating and really took me by surprise…

There was a whole new world of possibility out there, and the Guru was introducing me to it.

I started sitting down with him and picking his brain…

…and I’ve detailed those first 7 conversations from notes I quickly wrote after they took place.

I realized early-on that there was some very valuable information that he had and I needed to record it and make use of it.

I have a pretty straight-forward agenda here…

I want to learn from this guy and make just as much money as he does so that I have more freedom and time to spend with my family.

…and I’m providing you the opportunity to share in this knowledge as well.

In these 7 secret conversations you’ll find:
  1. Helping local businesses online starting on page 12
  2. Traffic Essentials starting on page 18
  3. What People Really Buy starting on page 27
  4. Core Money-Making Topics Online starting on page 31
  5. Membership Content starting on page 35
  6. Joint Ventures and Affiliate Marketing starting on page 40
  7. The Secret Culture of Gurus starting on page 49

I’ve described these conversations in detail from my notes in easily-readable PDF format

The Guru gave me a LOT of information that really opened my eyes to making money online and influenced me to immediately start an online business that I’m just now ramping up.

You can follow along with me as I learn from a very successful online money-making master. I’m providing this insider information for just…



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